Coffee Capsules

Coffee Capsules

The revolutionary line of Ecocapsula products, studied and patented in Italy, are becoming more and more widespread among home coffee machine capsules. Ecocapsula's refillable coffee capsules are highly ecological because they are made of recyclable materials and, unlike the classic disposable capsules, are reusable for up to 250/300 brews.

Since these capsules are compatible with the most widespread coffee filter systems (Espresso Point and Nespresso), the consumer can avoid new purchases and continue using the espresso machine he or she already owns, thus maximizing savings thanks to Ecocapsula's refillable coffee capsules.

With such a long-lasting product, the consumer will be free from the restraints of periodically buying the prepackaged capsules, thus attaining a savings equal to 80% of the sustained costs!

The Ecocapsula line, composed of capsules compatible with Lavazzo Espresso Point and Nespresso systems, offers the consumer the possibility to choose his or her preferred coffee, tea or tisane. Lastly, the entire Ecocapsula line is created from materials certified for dietary use, guaranteeing absolute reliability and assurance in an innovative product designed and created exclusively in Italy. From the perspective of a palpable improvement in the quality of life, with full respect for the tastes and preferences of the consumer, Ecocapsula refillable coffee capsules guarantee a café-worthy espresso at an insignificant price!

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Refillable Capsules Lavazza Compatible

Coffee Machine Compatibility: Lavazza Espresso Point and Compatible

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