Refillable Capsules: Espresso Point [Lavazza Compatible]

Contents of package: 4 refillable capsules for Espresso Point + 1 loader + 400 disks

Espresso Point Capsules [Refillable]

Ecocapsula for Espresso Point is the only compatible and refillable capsule in the world for the Espresso Point system, reusable up to 250/300 uses. The sizing and technical solutions adopted allow Ecocapsula to be used with all machines compatible with Espresso Point or with the orginal format of Lavazza pods. The high quality of materials used, certified for dietary use and 100% recyclable, guarantees a patented product, entirely studied and created in Italy.

Coffee Machine Compatibility: Lavazza Espresso Point and Compatible

Price: Cost: Euro 14,90

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Why Choose a Refillable Capsule for Espresso Point?

  • Savings: Up to 80% compared to Espresso Point Original and Compatible Capsules

    Savings on Nespresso Lavazza Capsules

    Pay the actual price for a coffee! Ecocapsula allows you to drastically cut costs for capsules. Let’s do the math: with an average of 32 cents per capsule, four coffees per day for one year cost you around €465, but using Ecocapsula with a good coffee can you cost you around 6 cents per cup, in a year you save about € 380!

  • Freedom of Choice: You Can Use Your Favorite Coffee or Tea

    freedom of choice of coffee

    There are hundreds of coffee shops that sell teas and infusions, just as there are hundreds of coffees and teas available on the market. You can taste, experiment and use the product of your liking or rediscover that taste to which you were once accustomed. The choice will no longer be restricted to just a few brands, you’ll be free to choose what to drink.

  • Quality: How about a freshly-ground coffee like at the Bar? Or do you prefer a steeped tea in loose leaf?

    Nespresso Lavazza Quality Pods

    Thanks to Ecocapsula, wrapping oneself in the unparalleled aroma of freshly ground coffee beans or rediscovering the fragrances and beneficial properties of a fine herbal tea extracted from natural leaves is an experience finally accessible from your own Espresso Point–compatibile coffee machine. With Ecocapsula, the luxury becomes convenient!

  • Natural, Herbal and Camomille Teas: Natural Leaves and Without Sugar!

    Tea, Natural and Herbal

    All but soluble! Herbal, camomille, black teas and infusions: refreshing, relaxing, warming, cleansing, soothing, meditative, digestive…and the list could go on! Each one, however, natural and without sugar, in the classic tea bag or loose leaf form, your favorite natural drink is ready in an instant wtihout water to boil or minutes to wait, wtih all the choice and saving that the market offers. “How much sugar?”, “None, thanks”.

  • Eco-Friendly: the Re-use even before the Recycle

    Coffee Capsules Refillable

    Ecocapsula is completely recyclable but the re-use is its strong point. Lengthening the life cycle of a product means saving even on the resources that are spent to create it. With Ecocapsula you’ll reduce your carbon footprint up to 300 times with respect to a disposable capsule, and you can also correctly dispose of the organic waste after each use.

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