Refillable Capsules: Nespresso Compatible

Contents of package for Nespresso (optimized version for tea and infusions): 4 refillable capsules for Nespresso + 4 washers + 200 disks

Nespresso Capsules [Refillable]

The savings, the discovery of new tastes and the carbon footprint are the strong points of this version of Ecocapsula: a refillable, Nespresso-compatible capsule that, thanks to its exclusive silicone seal, guarantees the absence of water loss and safeguards the mechanical junctions of your coffee machine. This version of Ecocapsula for Nespresso is optimized for the preparation of tea and infusions, in classic tea bag or loose leaf form, still it’s possible to prepare even a good cup of coffee wtih results similar to those of a mocha. A coffee-specific version of this capsule will be coming out in the next few months. Green tea or herbal? Roselle? A camomille from your Nespresso? Today it’s possible with Ecocapsula.

Coffee Machine Compatibility: Nespresso

Price: Cost: Euro 12,90

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Why Choose a Refillable Capsule for Nespresso?

  • Savings: Up to 80% compared to Nespresso Original Capsules

    Savings on Nespresso Lavazza Capsules

    An original Nespresso capsule costs on average 40 cents. Using brand-name tea or coffee with Ecocapsula each drink will cost you around 6 cents. Doing a quick calculation you’ll notice that with an average consumation of four cups of tea or coffee per day for one year, you will save over €495!

  • Freedom to Choose: Drink Your Favorite Coffee or Tea

    freedom of choice of coffee

    Finally you will be free to use your favorite brand and the freedom to choose will no longer be constrained to purchasing the original capsules, you can adapt your Nespresso machine to match your tastes and not viceversa.

  • A World of New Tastes: Teas, Infusions and Camomille

    Tea, Natural and Herbal

    Preparing a tea, camomille or infusion with the practicality of your Nespresso machine? Today you can with Ecocapsula! No more hot water boilers or useless waiting, you can insert the product– in tea bag or loose leaf form – directly in the capsule and immediately brew your favorite drink, natural and sugarfree.

  • Quality: A steeped tea or a freshly-ground coffee instantly?

    Nespresso Lavazza Quality Pods

    The fragrance and beneficial properties of tea extracted from natural leaves or the inebriating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans like in the best cafés, all combined in the comfort of your own Nespresso machine. Ecocapsula is the instrument, but the quality and savings are your choice!

  • Ecology: Re-use, Re-use, Re-use… before Recycling

    Coffee Capsules Refillable

    Lengthening the life cycle of a product means not producing more than necessary. Ecocapsula for Nespresso is composed of completely recycled materials, you can use it infinitely and after each use you can correctly dispose of the organic waste with total respect for the environment.

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